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Try in Dev Spaces Browser Extension

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The Try in Dev Spaces Browser Extension adds a "Dev Spaces" button used to create cloud development environments in your Red Hat OpenShift Dev Spaces instance.

This extension can be configured to create development environments in your Dev Spaces or Eclipse CheĀ® instance. By default, development environments are created on Eclipse CheĀ® hosted by Red Hat running on the Red Hat Developer Sandbox.


The Try in Dev Spaces Browser Extension is open source on GitHub under the MIT license.

For questions, concerns, issues or feature requests, please file an issue on the GitHub repository.

Alternatively, you can contact the developers at dakwon[at]

Privacy policy

The Try in Dev Spaces Browser Extension does not collect and send any data from your web browser.

  • Storage permissions ("storage") are required to leverage the Chrome Storage API to allow your Dev Spaces endpoints from the extension's options page to be saved locally and synced across your devices. Extension storage syncing can be disabled from the web browser's settings/preferences.
  • Access to your data on (and GitHub Enterprise domains if applicable) is required for:
    • Determining the GitHub repository URL to construct hyperlinks required for the "Dev Spaces" button
    • Injecting the "Dev Spaces" button element into the GitHub repository web page
  • Usage of the Red Hat Developer Sandbox is subject to the Red Hat Privacy Statement.

If you believe this privacy policy has been violated, please refer to Support.