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rhoas kafka create#

Create an Apache Kafka instance


Create an Apache Kafka instance on a particular cloud provider and region.

After creating the instance you can view it by running "rhoas kafka describe".

rhoas kafka create [flags]


# start an interactive prompt to fill out the configuration values for the instance$ rhoas kafka create
# create a Kafka instance$ rhoas kafka create --name my-kafka-instance
# create a Kafka instance and output the result in YAML$ rhoas kafka create -o yaml


      --name string       Unique name of the Kafka instance  -o, --output string     Format in which to display the Kafka instance (choose from: "json", "yml", "yaml") (default "json")      --provider string   Cloud Provider ID      --region string     Cloud Provider Region ID      --use               Set the new Kafka instance to the current instance (default true)  -w, --wait              Wait until the Kafka instance is created

Options inherited from parent commands#

  -h, --help      Show help for a command  -v, --verbose   Enable verbose mode


  • rhoas kafka - Create, view, use, and manage your Kafka instances