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rhoas kafka list#

List all Apache Kafka instances


List all Apache Kafka instances.

This command will provide a high level view of all Kafka instances. The fields displayed are: ID, Name, Owner, Status, Cloud Provider, Region. Use the describe command to view all fields for a specific instance.

The instances are displayed by default in a table, but can also be displayed as JSON or YAML.

rhoas kafka list [flags]


# list all Kafka instances using the default output format$ rhoas kafka list
# list all Kafka instances using JSON as the output format$ rhoas kafka list -o json


      --limit int       The maximum number of Kafka instances to be returned (default 100)  -o, --output string   Format in which to display the Kafka instances (choose from: "json", "yml", "yaml")      --page int        Display the Kafka instances from the specified page number (default 1)      --search string   Text search to filter the Kafka instances by name, owner, cloud_provider, region and status

Options inherited from parent commands#

  -h, --help      Show help for a command  -v, --verbose   Enable verbose mode


  • rhoas kafka - Create, view, use, and manage your Kafka instances