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rhoas login#

Log in to RHOAS


Log in securely to RHOAS through a web browser.

This command opens your web browser, where you can enter your credentials.

When using the rhoas CLI in an environment without a web browser, you can log in using an offline-token by passing the "--token" flag, which can be obtained at Note: token-based login is not supported by the Kafka "topic" and "consumer-group" subcommands.

rhoas login [flags]


# securely log in to RHOAS by using a web browser$ rhoas login
# print the authentication URL instead of automatically opening the browser$ rhoas login --print-sso-url
# log in using an offline token$ rhoas login --token <your-token>


      --api-gateway string    URL of the API gateway (default "")      --auth-url string       The URL of the SSO Authentication server (default "")      --client-id string      OpenID client identifier (default "rhoas-cli-prod")      --insecure              Enables insecure communication with the server by disabling TLS certificate and host name verification      --mas-auth-url string   The URL of the Authentication server (default "")      --print-sso-url         Prints the console login URL, which you can use to log in to RHOAS from a different web browser (this is useful if you need to log in with different credentials than the credentials you used in your default web browser)      --scope stringArray     Override the default OpenID scope (to specify multiple scopes, use a separate --scope for each scope) (default [openid])  -t, --token string          Log in using an offline token, which can be obtained at

Options inherited from parent commands#

  -h, --help      Show help for a command  -v, --verbose   Enable verbose mode