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rhoas service-account create#

Create a service account


Create a service account with credentials that are saved to a file.

Applications and tools use these service account credentials to authenticate and interact with your application services.

You must specify an output format into which the credentials will be stored.

  • env (default): Store credentials in an env file as environment variables
  • json: Store credentials in a JSON file
  • properties: Store credentials in a properties file, which is typically used in Java-related technologies.
rhoas service-account create [flags]


# create a service account through an interactive prompt$ rhoas service-account create
# create a service account and save the credentials in a JSON file$ rhoas service-account create --file-format json
# create a service account and forcibly overwrite the credentials file if it exists already$ rhoas service-account create --overwrite
# create a service account and save credentials to a custom file location$ rhoas service-account create --output-file=./service-acct-credentials.json


      --description string   Description for the service account (only alphanumeric characters and '-', '.', ',' are valid)      --file-format string   Format in which to save the service account credentials (choose from: "env", "json", "properties")      --name string          Name of the service account      --output-file string   Sets a custom file location to save the credentials      --overwrite            Forcibly overwrite a credentials file if it already exists

Options inherited from parent commands#

  -h, --help      Show help for a command  -v, --verbose   Enable verbose mode