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rhoas service-registry artifact delete#

[beta] Deletes single or all artifacts in a given group


Deletes single or all artifacts in a given group.

When called without arguments, deletes all artifacts in the group When --artifact-id is specified, deletes only a single artifact and its version When --group parameter is missing, the command uses the "default" group.

This command is available as part of the Development Preview release.

rhoas service-registry artifact delete [flags]


## Delete all artifacts in the group "default"rhoas service-registry artifact delete
## Delete artifact in the group "default" with name "my-artifact"rhoas service-registry artifact delete --artifact-id=my-artifact


      --artifact-id string   ID of the artifact  -g, --group string         Artifact group (default "default")      --instance-id string   ID of the Service Registry instance to be used. By default, uses the currently selected instance  -y, --yes                  Delete artifact without prompt

Options inherited from parent commands#

  -h, --help      Show help for a command  -v, --verbose   Enable verbose mode