Installing Service Binding Operator

The Service Binding Operator can be installed on the following version of Kubernetes and OpenShift:

Installing on Kubernetes

You can install the Service Binding Operator using the following methods:

  1. Installing the Service Binding Operator using OLM

    1. Go to

    2. Click on the blue Install button.

    3. Follow the instructions to install the Service Binding Operator.

  2. Installing the Service Binding Operator without OLM

If you do not have Operator Lifecycle Manager, you can install the Operator using the released resources:

kubectl apply -f

Installing the Service Binding Operator from the OpenShift Container Platform web UI


  1. Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform installed.

  2. Navigate in the web console to the OperatorHub page and type Service Binding into the Filter by keyword box:


  3. Click Service Binding Operator from the result. A page to install the Operator is displayed with additional information about the Operator.


  4. Click Install. The Install Operator page is displayed.

  5. Select the options as per your requirements and click Install. After the installation is complete, a page with the Installed Operator – ready for use message is displayed.


  6. Click View Operator. The Service Binding Operator page is displayed with the Operator details.